Power Wash
SoftSteam Honeycomb drum

Never guess detergent amounts again.

This brilliant 8 kg machine does all the thinking and measuring for you. A built in TwinDos system combines and dispenses the correct formulation to automatically deal with your normal family wash. When a single use capsule is inserted, the new W1 washing machine ensures the optimum care for special fabrics such as wool, silks and sportswear. Other time-saving features include intense drench PowerWash and the added busyperson benefit of QuickPowerWash, which lets you complete a full cycle in less than an hour and still achieve perfect results. And the ultimate liberation of SteamCare, which reduces creasing to halve your ironing time.

  • W1/T1 Chrome edition
  • PowerWash
  • TwinDos
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  • Miele's four factors for perfect washing results